Kotug and Seabulk awarded contract at Bahamas

KOTUG International BV and Seabulk Towing, Inc. have been awarded a contract with Borco Towing Company Limited (a subsidiary of Buckeye Partners, L.P.) to carry out all towage operations at their Buckeye Bahamas Hub in the Bahamas.

The contract will be performed through a newly formed joint venture between KOTUG and Seabulk: Kotug Seabulk Maritime LLC.

The Buckeye Bahamas Hub currently has over 26 million barrels of storage capacity and eight berths, including two VLCC-capable berths, making it the largest petroleum products terminal in the Western Hemisphere.

Kotug Seabulk Maritime LLC is deploying four new tugboats and a bunker barge to execute all Terminal Towage Operations, including Bunker Barge Assistance. The tug fleet, having commenced services as per 1st April, consists of two Rotortugs®, the RT Blackbeard and RT Raptor and two Stern Drives, SD Calypso and SD Junkanoo.

The new joint venture KSM aims to leverage the impressive reputation, experience, technology, and practical know-how of Kotug International and Seabulk Towing.


Buckeye Christens four tugboats

Buckeye Bahamas Hub and KSM jointly Christen four tugboats

On 1st May 2017, the inaugural celebration of KSM’s operations took place at Freeport, Bahamas. The four tugs, two Rotortugs and two Stern Drives, were christened by Buckeye Bahamas Hub in conjunction with Kotug Seabulk Maritime.

Mr. Ard-Jan Kooren, President, CEO and Owner of Kotug International and Director of Kotug Seabulk Maritime, said: “Kotug Seabulk Maritime may seem like a new kid on the block, but both Kotug International and Seabulk Towing are two highly experienced and international companies that bring together over 170 years of valuable global experiences covering terminal operations, offshore and salvage support activities and harbour towage operations.

We operate one of the youngest, most powerful and manoeuvrable tugs in the world and we outclass all our competitors with the Rotortug concept. These tugs are an award winning design which we operate in several parts of the world.”

He further stated that KSM is committed to safety and protecting the unique and beautiful environment of the Bahamas. “From the outset, Buckeye, Kotug Seabulk Maritime, The Grand Bahamas Port Authority and the Pilots as partners have committed to the “Safety is our first Priority” Policy. This collaborative commitment is a symbol of the strong partnership we currently enjoy with all involved and we look forward to evolving for many years to come.”